Welcome to An Independence!

We'd be pleased your reservation on the web (Email/Online Form) if in English. Thanks for understanding!

This page lists FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). For unlisted questions, please make a contact through email, or from inquiry form on website.

  •     How can I take a reservation?

    Please let us know your preference such as Date, Boy's Name, Time to start, Course of Plays, Host/Travel by email. You can also make a phone call directly, but not all managers can speak English very well unfortunately. So, we strongly recommend you to use email. Please feel free to ask us at anytime.

  •     Shall I get charged for anal fucking?

    No additional charge for Anal playing, however, some boys can't play in anal. Please check boy's profile before your reservation. Even if boys profile is displaying avails of anal plays, may not be able to play with because of his health conditions on a day.
    Please let us know your preference at booking.
    You will be additionally charged in following case.
    - 4,000 JPY/per 30mins when you extend playing hour
    - Options Fee for SM, Scat, Costume/Goods.

  •     What is “Office Visitor”?

    You are always welcome to visit our office if you are in hesitation of boys. More private/unpublished pictures are prepared for you at our office, also you can check boys in face-to-face. No charge if you can't find any boy. You will be able to start playing quickly, take him out for travel, or take a reservation for later days.As for boys stand by in their home, they can come to the office after short waiting. If you have already decided your boy, please contact us through email in advance to start playing without waiting.

  •     What can I play with escort boys?

    ■Kissing, Blowing
    ( There is a possibility by the cast with respect to the following items .)
    ※Please refer to the option of the fee system in regard to soft SM / Scat

  •     Can I cancel a boy if I don't like him in first meet?

    Yes, you can cancel or switch another boy. When you cancel a boy, the cancellation fee (2,000 JPY) will be occurred. (Travel : 2,000 JPY + Trans Fee) No edited pictures in our website/files in office, but please do not hesitate to cancel if you feel mismatching with boys.

  •     Are boys safe in play? STDF? How can they maintain?

    In our services, boy is forced to use Germicidal soap before/after playing. The germicidal soap is also used in medical scene in hospitals to sterilize. By touching with soap in injured part on skin human can feel small pain. Both you and boys can protect the damaged parts against for blood stream infection ( most major route of STD infections ).The soap has moisturizing contents for skins also. Very common tool in sexual services/business scenes. Please corporate to use the soap for health maintain of both casts and customers. All boys are instructed to take STD/HIV test in regularly in hospital.

  •     How can my playing hour be counted?

    From a moment entering in room till a timing leaving. In case of travel, it should be counted from a moment when boy arrives at your place, not at train station.In case of dating outside, it should be counted from a moment of first-meet.

  •     “Long Course” can be set in another 12 hours?

    Sorry, but basically the package is only from 22pm to 10am. Ex;Starting from 9pm - 8,000 JPY Extra Charge for another 1 hour.
    In case of changing starting time because of boys schedule, it can be arranged for irregular.

  •     Why does the access map not show your office place?

    Because it is for protection of customers' privacy. We will give you a direction on a phone to avoid a situation in which customers see faces each other.
    Please make sure to make an appointment with us to visit our office.

  •     Can I choose room?

    Yes, please let us know your favorite room at reserving.
    We may not prepare your preference room because of other booking.

  •     Let me know more details about private rooms

    Our quality private room is equipped ....
    Air Conditioning / Air Moisturizer / AC / Air Steamer / Heater / Refrigerator / Shower / Hair Dryer / TV / Kitchen / DVD Player / Mirror / Towels / Tooth Brush / Shaver / Gargle / Mouth Washer / Soap / Shampoo / Hair Conditioner / Germicidal soap / Rube / Condoms / Tissue
    You will be able to get relaxation as in hotel room.

  •     Can I go outside during my playing hour?

    Yes. Please enjoy your time with boy in your own way.

  •     Can I book a room first? Because I have not chosen boy yet....

    Sorry, but we are not accepting booking only for room.
    Your preference room may be taken, so we suggest you to take a reservation of boy as soon with boys schedules on website.

  •     Can I reserve for over 180 min?

    Yes, with additional fee 4,000 JPY/per 30 min for longer than 180 min. Also extendable after meeting up with boy / switchable from Short Courses to Long Courses in case of starting after 22pm.

  •     How can fee be calculated in Travel?

    Basic Fee + Transportations Fee. Travel Fee will be occurred If your location is over 1 hour away from Okubo, Tokyo. Boy can travel to also country side(not city area). For more details, please check the page “Service”.

  •     Can I get traveled to my home without home phone number? Because I don't have it.

    Only in case of payment by Credit / Advanced Settlement, but we can not take your delivery order by cash if you use our service in your first time. If you have used our services before, YES we can take your reservation only with your cell's number after checking records.

  •     Can I ask boy to bring rube and condoms? Because I don't have any at home.

    Yes. All boys are going to carry rubes, condoms, Germicidal soap in traveling.

  •     Can I see start/end time for 1day Package?

    Yes. 1 day package is reasonable plan for max 24 hours, so you can decide from what time to what time.
    if you extend your time over and reach price of 1 day package, fee will be fixed as this package.

  •     How do I give information of hotel?

    1. Let us know at reserving
    - Name of hotel to stay
    - Room number
    - Time to check-in
    2. We will make a phone call to your room through a front desk of hotel. (No announcement of shop name, so please do not worry.)
    3. Boy will depart to your location AFTER confirming on a phone.
    Please inform us in advanced that time to have check-in on your plans, or boy may arrive in late. ( This confirming process by phone calling shall be only at your First time to use our service)

  •     If you against the following rules, You will be recorded in blacklist. You might be unable to use our services in the future so, please keep the rules for all.

    ■ No constraint for private-meeting without our agency
    ■ No constraint for Record of Digital contents(Photo/Movie) / No secret filming
    ■ No drag use.
    ■ No request for bareback
    ■ No Scouting for other escort service
    ■ No STD holders
    ■ No actions of injuring on any parts of casts' body
    ■ No over request for servicing.